Semi Aggressive Freshwater Fish

What does Semi Aggressive Freshwater Fish Mean?

When entering a fish shop, we will usually see some tanks with labels. Some of the fish is regarded as semi aggressive. Such label is often confusing. Some people think that aggressive means that the fish is harmful or violent. When it is stated that it is semi aggressive, it means that it will only be a dangerous part of the time. Does that mean that the fish will be calm most of the time? It does not mean so actually.

What it means by semi aggressive is that the fish can endanger other fish under certain circumstances. We might not only have one fish for one bowl. Moreover, if we keep the fish in a big tank, we will have various fish to decorate it. In such situation, the semi aggressive fish will be dangerous. Under certain conditions, the fish will possibly attack other fish. It is possible that the fish eat other fish. Besides, some semi aggressive fish will mischievously chase the other fish. That will cause horrible situations since some fish will be stressful and die due to the act of the semi aggressive fish. Therefore, we need to be very careful in stoking the fish in one tank. If we know how to do it properly, we can keep the aggressive fish peaceful and make a fun community.

How to keep the semi aggressive freshwater fish Safely? What we should do when we want to keep our fish tank healthy and safe is to plan the stock that we want to keep. Now that we know that the fish can cause some harmful effects to other fish, we need to classify the fish well.

  1. Territorial Fish

Some semi aggressive freshwater fish acts aggressively because it wants to protect its territory. Therefore, we need to give them good tank mates so the aggressive fish will get along comfortably. For instance, we can choose angelfish to keep with gouramis and black-skirt tetras. The reason is simple. Angelfish cannot get along with its kind. It can also endanger small and active fish. If we decide to have gouramis, we need to put some hiding spots in the tank. The hiding spots will help the fish to avoid other dominant fish. That way, we can prevent stressful fish due to the torment of another semi aggressive freshwater fish.

Semi Aggressive Freshwater Fish

2. Big Fish

We should never put big fish and small fish in the same tank. Our aquarium is not an apartment. There are always possibilities for the big fish to eat the small one. Therefore, big fish can be included as semi aggressive fish if it is to put in the same place with the small ones. That is just a natural instinct that big fish will act that way.

Semi Aggressive Freshwater Fish

Those are the easy ways to protect our tank. We do not have to avoid buying the semi aggressive freshwater fish because some of the fish are really pretty. The fish will make our aquarium colorful.

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Facts About Betta Fish

Learn These Facts About Betta Fish

Our house will be different once we place a wonderful fish tank full of beautiful fish. Just to sit and watch the fish swimming will give us great enjoyments. We can also educate the children with many things related to nature with the fish tank. We will be able to refresh our room with the pretty fish.The clean tank with the swaying artificial seaweed will slow down our lives and relieve our stress. Most of the time, our mood will be improving as we watch the colorful fish swim around the tank. Thus, we need to fill the tank with the cute and pretty fish with amazing colors.

One of the most stunning fish that we should have is betta fish. Betta fish is originally from Southeast Asia. Betta fish is a wonderful fish that can adapt its surroundings so elegantly. This fish has the exceptional ability to breathe the oxygen from the air. This is so because betta fish is a true labyrinth fish. Well, there are some other facts about betta fish that we need to learn in order to take care of the fish better.

Facts about betta fish

  • Betta is the Name of a Warrior

One of the most facts about betta fish is related to its name. Betta is the name of an ancient warrior. The name suits the fish well because of its excellent fighting ability. The name was invented in the mid-1800s. The brave fish can fight so many countries use the fight to bet. In Thailand, the fight of Betta fish is regulated and taxed. Can you believe that?

  • Betta Fish in an Oxygen Deficient Water

It is true that a labyrinth fish can survive for some period of time out of eater. However, it is not true that a betta fish can live healthily in a tank with oxygen deficient water. The fish can tolerate the small spaces. Besides, it will survive the poor quality water. However, we cannot let the pretty fish live with that minimum health condition. We need to keep the water sufficient with 76-82 degrees F to keep the fish healthy. The water should be at least two gallons and it requires a regular change.

  • Betta Fish and a Small Bowl

Known as well as a Siamese fighting fish, this vibrant fish is often swimming solo in the ornamental vase. However, it is not a good idea to make them live in that small place. The fish is small but it will not live long if it is forced to live in a tiny ornamental vase without any companion.

  • What is for Dinner?

Bettas have to be feed on the water’s surface with a good fish food. It will be better to use pellets because it combines various nutrition that Betta needs. A myth says that to place some plant roots on the water tank will improve Bettas life. That is fake news since Betta fish will need diets full of protein and fiber to live.

In order to care for the fish better, we need to learn the facts about betta fish. Healthy fish on the well-maintained tank will create a stunning decoration for our homes. Also Check another post about ‘ What Do Betta Fish Eat? ‘.

World Aquarium St Louis

Kids will Love The World Aquarium St Louis

Today, we have many alternatives when it is a family holiday destination. We can go on a trip to a foreign country for enjoying the different cultures and tasty foods. Besides, we can take the kids to go hiking and camping so they can learn how to survive in an uncomfortable situation. However, a holiday does not always have to be that expensive. We can invite the kids in our backyard and do a fun picnic.We can also go to the nearest amusement park. And it is always wonderful to go to an aquarium. Kids love to enjoy the sea animals and it will be an instant refreshment as well. Many big cities in the world have the best aquarium with an amazing collection. Today, we are going to reveal what we will enjoy in the world aquarium St Louis.

World Aquarium St Louis

World Aquarium St Louis Based on Customers’ Reviews

For those who are searching for a comfortable place for a family to enjoy an aquarium visit, this will be the right stop. All families will get an amazing experience in this aquarium. This stunning place is a family-owned business of a wonderful couple. Thus, the atmosphere will be more casual and so much convenient compared to the aquarium owned by the states. The most amazing thing is that visitors can hold and feel almost all of the collections in the aquarium. This world aquarium St Louis has wide arrays selections of animals and pets. Visitors can see not only sea animals, but also snakes, turtles and many others.

World Aquarium St Louis

Children will love to go to this place because they can feed on snakes to sharks safely. Besides, people can also see some exotic pets in this place. Animal lovers will surely have a good time at the aquarium.

We are not having to bring the kids to the sea just to see the stingray and sea turtles. If we want to give the kids an educational tour, this is the right place to visit. Well, the world aquarium name cannot represent the aquarium well since the size is not so huge compared to other world class aquarium.

A Good Place for Kids

However, this might not be the most beautiful aquarium, but it is a good place for the kids since it allows them to touch the animals. The collections cover sea animals, water animals, reptiles, and pets. The aquarium designs are amazing as well. Besides, what is so good about the place are the friendly and professional staffs. It is necessary to visit a place with friendly staffs, especially when we are with children. The world aquarium St Louis is surely a good education tour place for a family.

Some customers review mention about the bad sides of this aquarium. The problems relate to the cleanness and the animal containers. Besides, some visitors feel sad toward the animal maintenance and water tank quality. However, the overall visitors say that they had a great time in the aquarium tour.

World Aquarium St Louis

Here is the address:

TELEPHONE: 314- 647-6011
EMAIL: [email protected]

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Best Five Hotels Near Newport Aquarium

Searching for hotels near Newport Aquarium. Which are known for its very popular sweet pea and scooters. It is perfect for you and your family to spend a memorable weekend. There are various exhibitions and events that are presented every week. Newport Aquarium has received many awards, among others: in 2012 was voted for the best aquarium by reader. Best Aquarium in Midwest in Zagat Survey, U.S. Family Travel Guide in 2004. And the Best Out of Rain in 2006 in Cincinnati Family Magazine. If you are a family planning to visit the Newport Aquarium, below i’ll suggest some nearby hotels that you can make as a reference.

  1. Aloft Newport On The Levee

First, of course, the most reserved hotel is Aloft Newport On The Levee. Hotels within 0.5 miles of Newport Aquarium. Featuring free WiFi, a fitness center, and sun terrace, Aloft Newport on the Levee offers pet-friendly, accommodation in Newport just 437 meters from Newport Aquarium. There is also an Indoor pool. Visitors in this hotel will be satisfied with excellent services, thus making you comfortable and don’t want to check out .

2. Hampton Inn & Suites

Then, the closest hotel to the Newport Aquarium is Hampton Inn & Suites Newport / Cincinnati, KY. About 0.1 km from Newport Aquarium. Less than a 2-minute walk from the Riverfront, this hotel features views of the water and Cincinnati city skyline. Very friendly service is also very clean. Also featuring free Wi-Fi and an outdoor pool.

3. Marriott Cincinnati Downtown River Center

Furthermore, the hotel is about 1.4 km from the Newport Aquarium is Marriott Cincinnati Downtown River Center. This luxurious 4-star hotel features panoramic views of downtown Cincinnati. Rooms feature cable TV and elegant marble bathrooms. Featuring free Wi-Fi, Breakfast included, 1 restaurant on site, and also an indoor pool.

4. Cincinnati Millennium

If you want a hotel with affordable and economical (cheap) prices may be the choice is a 3-star Cincinnati Millennium. Prioritizes service and the best price without neglecting the quality of the property. The visitors are expected to participate in the hotel development program with a certain set criteria and receive feedback from previous guests. About 1.8 km from Newport Aquarium Connected to Duke Energy Convention Center by Skywalk closed, this contemporary hotel is located in the city’s financial district, just steps from attractions in Cincinnati. There is also free Wi-Fi and an outdoor swimming pool.

5. Museum Hotel Cincinnati

And the Last probably the unique hotel is 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati, 4-star hotel. About 1.6 km from Newport Aquarium. Featuring contemporary art galleries and rooftop bars, this Cincinnati hotel is just steps from the Aronoff Center for the Arts. This includes restaurants and large event halls. Only Free Wi-Fi no swimming pool. Great Food: Meals here is highly recommended! Other facilities are Family room, fitness center, and pet-friendly.

That’s all for my suggest to the best hotels near Newport Aquarium based on the travel guide top site such as, and Thanks for the time, I hope it’s helpful. See also review about ‘ World Aquarium St Louis