Experience the Unforgettable Tours in Aquarium in New Orleans

Aquarium tour is one of the answers to the solutions of giving the kids educational vacation. Today, kids are no longer attracted to the garden and outdoor enjoyments. The intense internet exposure makes the kids forget the pleasure of playing football in the yard. Gardening with granny is now boring for they can play the games indoor. Besides, the kids become more selfish since they have only little chance to interact. Therefore, parents have to start changing their habit by serving the right enjoyments. One of the best ideas is to invite them to see many sea creatures and water animal in the city aquarium. Aquarium in New Orleans and any other wonderful aquarium will be a great place for a family.

Aquarium In New Orleans Lousiana

If you are living in New Orleans or in the surrounding states, it is a great idea to visit this city for the superb aquarium. It is a perfect place for a family tour, study tour, and even a birthday tour. The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas will serve visitors with an unforgettable experience of entering the underworld. Located in a wonderful area on the Mississippi River, this aquarium brings a super entertainment for all visitors.

Aquarium in new Orleans

The interior decoration resembles the color of Caribbean reef. Visitors have to work through a tunnel in which they will feel like going through an underwater venue. The first sea animals to welcome the visitors are the penguins and Southern sea otters. This aquarium also offers various attractions that the kids will love. Visitors can touch the sting ray. The adults will also love it actually. The visitors do not have to worry about the safety since professional crews guiding all of the attractions.

In addition, visitors can also try feeding the parakeet. It is always fun to feed animals. Kids can touch directly the animals and learn about the beauty of fish of other sea creatures. Also, in the aquarium in New Orleans, visitors can meet gigantic sharks, tarpon, and also rays. The big fish are put in the 400,000 gallons. And the biggest aquarium venue is Gulf of Mexico Exhibit.

Aquarium in New Orleans Ticket

The aquarium ticket can be purchased via online. It will be better to book the admission online, especially during the high season. The ticket is $29.95 for adults of 13 to 64 years old. Meanwhile, seniors can pay $24.95. Last, the kids of 2 to 12 years old should only pay $21.95. The packages are available for giving a more unforgettable experience. The Audubon Experience for insectarium, zoo, theater, and special aquarium are to explore as well.

Aquarium in New Orleans Parking

The aquarium opens Tuesday through Sunday. Mondays are only for selected holiday months or In Spring/Summer only. It opens 10:00 am to 05:00 pm. It offers no free-off street parking. However, handicapped people will find it comfortable to visit this aquarium.

Aquarium in New Orleans Coupon

We can get easily Aquarium coupons by online. Today, we can get the discounts using the coupons. So, arrange your Aquarium New Orleans tour now and get the coupons online. Also check my post about Hotels Near Newport Aquarium

Extreme Challenge : Long Island Aquarium Shark Dive

Challenge your adrenaline in the Long Island Aquarium Shark Dive. This will be an adventure of a lifetime. Whether people afraid of the sea life or not, it will be haunting to imagine a school of a dangerous shark swimming around us. The sharks are predators in the ocean and it is so much scary to see the strong jaws. Besides, we will feel the thrilling feeling of seeing the sharp teeth directly.

long island aquarium shark dive

Long island aquarium shark dive review

The Shark Dive offers a special show that challenges people for tasting a different adventure. The aquarium is always admirable as a family trip destination. Kids love to see fish and it will be good to teach them about various water animal species. An aquarium is also a great place for students. Visiting aquarium is always fun especially when special shows are held. Visitors will be able to enjoy the pleasure when mermaid shows are playing. But those experiences can be boring sometimes. Therefore, the aquarium shark dive is created.

The show puts visitors inside a cage. So, it will be quite different to the ordinary aquarium show. It will be similar to a safari tour where the audiences are placed in the cage while the wild animals are freed. The visitors will be put in the middle of circling sharks. Besides the sharks, the visitors can also enjoy other fish swimming around the cage.

The main reason why this Shark Dive is an extreme adventure is that the experience will put the visitor’s nose to nose to the predators. Though the venue is not in the real ocean, the thrilling atmosphere will be there. The area of Lost City of Atlantis Shark Exhibit is filled with 120,000 gallons.

Do visitors need a diving license to enjoy this show?

No, visitors do not have to be licensed. The show is also secured. The trained Shark Dive Instructors will assist all the audiences. However, the visitors should be at least 12 years old to go to the cage. Besides, the audiences of 12 to 17 years old have to be accompanied by the guardians. Parents do not have to be afraid of the security issue since the show has been tested and proven to be secure. Before joining the show, people have to sign and return Liability Waiver to ensure their safety and agreement.

Do the audiences have to bring the diving apparatus?

No, the service includes the diving wetsuit, scuba gears, and the underwater mask as well. Besides, the breathing and communicating apparatus for underwater are also available.

The show is not only entertaining but also helpful for an educational program. Students can learn about sharks and diving lesson at the same time. It is one package of excitement that visitors should take pleasure in. The price is affordable for the amazing adventure. Besides, the price includes souvenir towel, souvenir shark teeth, and photos.

Long island aquarium shark dive coupon

We can get the coupons through the website. Members can pay $160.00 while non-members should a little higher $165.00. Members do not have to pay aquarium admission while non-members need to purchase the aquarium admission.  The tickets taxes will be added for both visitors. Long island aquarium shark dive price is worth the adventure and services. I also post my review about ‘ World Aquarium St Louis ‘.

Aquarium Great Lakes Crossing Review

Besides traveling to a unique country, to visit an aquarium will be another great experience. Go to an aquarium and see the various animals over there can give people great refreshment. It will be like visiting another world where pretty fish and sea creature are living. We can also have with our family with this type of vacation. For some reasons, visiting an aquarium will be an educated trip that enriches our kids with great knowledge.

Today, we can visit many modern aquariums that are designed with a spectacular outfit. The main purpose of the unique design is for providing a comfortable place for the fish to live in. Besides, the aquariums are designed with attractive looks to invite more visitors. One of the brilliant ideas is the aquarium great lakes crossing. This aquarium enables the visitors to walk the aquarium in a tunnel. People can see the animals more clearly as the fish can pass above their heads. It will be like crossing the lakes and swim with the fish. One of the best is the Aquarium Great Lakes Crossing Michigan.

aquarium great lakes crossing

Aquarium Great Lakes Crossing Mall

Besides in the aquarium such as Michigan aquarium great lakes crossings, people can now find this type of aquarium in the shopping malls. Malls are now so much appealing since they are one stop recreational areas for all needs. People can shop and improve their beauty in a beauty parlor. Besides, cafés and restaurants are also available. And it will be nice to have the aquarium great lakes crossing in a mall. SeaLife Aquarium opens an exclusive aquarium in a shopping mall.

Aquarium Great Lakes Crossing Hours

The aquarium opens at 10.00 am and closes at 09.00 pm. On Sunday, they closes early at 06.00 pm. The place will close 60 minutes after the last admission. Therefore, the entrance gate closed one hour before the closing time. It will be more comfortable to book the tickets online to avoid some problems in the queue. In addition, it will be more comfortable to check the website and buy the tickets if visitors want to go there during a weekend or on school holidays. Even, visitors can hold a birthday party in the aquarium. They can simply contact the website to arrange the visit.

Aquarium Great Lakes Crossing Mi

This is an aquarium that all fish lovers and fans want to experience. It will be a great place for students and family trips. Also comfortable to go to the aquarium as a group. We can easily consult the schedule and book the tickets online.

Sea Life Aquarium offers various shows and attractions that visitors will love. It serves Sea Life creature shows with exclusive management. Besides, people can also enjoy some special show for certain events. For better information, visitors need to visit the website. The talks and feeding times are listed on the website. To visit this aquarium is definitely a great idea. Aquarium great lakes crossing reviews by the visitors show that this place is truly amazing.

Here the address :

Located in: Great Lakes Crossing Outlets
Address    : 4316 Baldwin Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326
Phone      : +1 866-622-0605
Owner     : Merlin Entertainments


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Monterey Bay Aquarium Fish List

One of the best aquarium in the US is Monterey Bay Aquarium. If you had some free day, its good to spending your time with ‘fish adventure’. There’s so much kinds of fish at the Monterey Bay aquarium. Also so much other animal collection at Moterey Bay.I can’t tell you all of  Monterey Bay Aquarium fish list, but i’ll try to show you some of the popular fish at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Here it is, check it out :

  • Anemonefish

monterey bay aquarium fish list

Also known as clownfish. Cool Facts : All anemonefishes start life as males. As they grow, a male may change to become a female.

  • Bat Ray

monterey bay aquarium fish list

Bat rays reproduce on an annual cycle, mating during spring or summer. After a gestation period of nine to 12 months, females give live birth to two to 10 pups—the number depends on the size of the mother.

  • Bay Pipefish

monterey bay aquarium fish list

When hungry, pipefish forms its toothless mouth like a tube about one inch, and then ready to swallow its prey- and slurps

  • Big Skate

monterey bay aquarium fish list

Big skates protect themselves from predators like sharks by camouflage. Hide along the seafloor, with only their eyes protruding. Whole bodies covered with sand and mud of the ocean floor is blending well with their body colors.

  • Blacktip Reef Shark

monterey bay aquarium fish list

In Hawaii, some families see this shark as their “aumakua,” or guardian spirit, feeding them and rarely killing them.

  • Broadnose Sevengill Shark

monterey bay aquarium fish list

This shark is a powerful swimmer that can be aggressive if provoked, but there’s no record of humans being attacked in open water.

  • Cabezon

monterey bay aquarium fish list

The eggs of cabezon are poisonous to humans and many other mammals and birds. This is the largest member of the sculpin family in the Monterey Bay aquarium fish list 2017.

  • California Barracuda

monterey bay aquarium fish list

Known for their large mouths full of sharp, fanglike teeth, barracuda are aggressive hunters. They move slowly and then burst towards their prey and take large, snapping bites with their powerful jaws.

  • California Halibut

monterey bay aquarium fish list

This halibut hide by burying themselves up to their eyes in the sandy seafloor.

  • California Moray Eel

monterey bay aquarium fish list

Moray eels, during the day, sit in crevices with only their heads protruding. At night they prowl across the reef looking for octopuses and small fishes.

  • California Sheephead

monterey bay aquarium fish list

Male and female sheephead have different color patterns and body shapes. Males are larger, with black tail and head sections, wide, reddish orange midriffs, red eyes and fleshy forehead bumps. Female sheephead are dull pink with white undersides.

  • Coralline Sculpin

monterey bay aquarium fish list

To protect themselves from the predators, this fish camouflaged like a chameleon, that is by hiding among the seaweed and rocks that make the body color blend well

  • Cownose Ray

monterey bay aquarium fish list

Cownose rays have poisonous stingers, but even in large groups they’re shy and not threatening.

  • Deep Sea Anglerfish

monterey bay aquarium fish list

The antenna is growing from the female anglerfish’s snout ends in a glowing blob of light.

  • Dolphinfish

monterey bay aquarium fish list

The dolphinfish are acrobatic, feisty fish, popular with recreational fishermen, and are sought after by commercial fisheries, which often catch them on longlines.

  • Fanfin Anglerfish

monterey bay aquarium fish list

To sense movement around the water, this deep sea anglerfish uses its long fin rays such as a radar.

  • Fangtooth

monterey bay aquarium fish list

When a fish or shrimp swims nearby, a fangtooth simply opens its big mouth and sucks the animal inside. Animals caught in its trap have little chance of wriggling free

  • Filetail Catshark

monterey bay aquarium fish list

This shark have special light sensitive eyes like a cat’s eye have, glow when a light shines on it.  Its specially designed for hunting in near darkness

  • Galapagos Shark

monterey bay aquarium fish list

Sharks come in many different shapes and sizes, but people are most familiar with the classic look of a Galapagos shark.

  • Garibaldi

monterey bay aquarium fish list

Garibaldis have a restricted range—they’re found from Baja California to Monterey Bay and nowhere else in the world.

  • Giant Kelpfish

monterey bay aquarium fish list

Individual kelpfish can even change colors to match changes in the colors around them.

  • Hatchetfish

monterey bay aquarium fish list

Like many other deep sea fishes, hatchetfish have light-producing organs in rows along their bellies. Its shine a pale blue light that matches daylight filtering down from above, also hides them from other dangerous species below.

  • Horn Shark

monterey bay aquarium fish list

They’re not graceful swimmers and don’t move around like their streamlined kin—in fact, sometimes horn sharks use their strong pectoral fins to crawl along rocks.

That’s some monterey bay aquarium fish list, i wish i could post the rest of fish list later.

Source : montereybayaquarium.org

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